Puchong – Origins and History


Sinar Harian published a very informative article on the history and lore of Puchong. The article was originally published on the 10th of December, 2014, and provides many interesting snippets and tidbits of information from long time inhabitants of Puchong.

According to the article, Puchong was in existence at least a hundred and twenty years ago. Its original inhabitants were Orang Asli who lived at Kampung Pulas (named after the Pulasan tree) before they moved to Kampung Sungai Rasau near Batu 14. According to their source, Puchong was so named after the local name for herons or bitterns which were so commonly found here that it was a staple food for the Orang Asli living here. The Pucong, although commonly found on river banks and at the edge of mining ponds, is now rarely seen.

Striated Heron (Butorides striata)

Among Puchong’s earliest inhabitants were migrants from Java and Sumatra who settled here and pioneered the land. A hundred years ago, the whole area was covered in vast rubber estates and tin mines and job opportunities were so plentiful that they attracted migrants from as far as Pakistan and China. Puchong’s transformation into the urban area familiar to us today began in 1985 when the licenses for the tin mines expired and infrastructure began to be built rapidly.

Several execution grounds of the Imperial Japanese Army are located here. One of them is somewhere in Taman Tenaga whereas another is located somewhere between the Batu 13 Old Village and the UEP Subang Jaya residential township. Puchong was also known as a “black area” during our nation’s emergency, and robberies by bandits on its winding roads were common then as the whole area was still a vast plantation land. Perhaps because of this, Puchong developed a reputation as a place where supernatural events commonly occurred.

Puchong is also known for its crocodile encounters. Once, a massive saltwater crocodile that strayed from the Klang river and into the nearby villages was caught and sent to Malacca Zoo. Read more about this and other interesting stories Puchong here in the Sinar Harian article. :)

 – Featured photo taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/lipkee/ under Creative Commons license.

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